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Kaleb Driggers

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Rider details
My favorite horse is by far my sorrel horse that I call Dre. He means the world to me, I sold him a couple years back and when I had the chance to buy him back I promised myself he would be with me for the rest of his days. He’s such an easy horse to ride he never misses a beat he does the same thing every time day in and day out. The consistency makes him easy and the trust that he will do his job no matter what is a confidence booster.
Other Interests

Q: What are you most looking forward to in regards to the structure of an ERA event vs. a traditional rodeo?
A: The ERA is going to be a top of the line ran rodeo, holding out no stops and bringing only the best cowboys and cowgirls to each performance. It will truly be ran by the cowboys and cowgirls and only they know what is best for them.

Q: Tell us about your rookie year and any advice you have for those just starting out?
A: My rookie year was a roller coaster ride there was a lot of ups and downs throughout the year. The most important thing I believe that I learned throughout that year is that you have to keep an open mind no matter what once you start focusing on the bad that’s exactly where you’re headed. So I would have to say my advice to someone would be as hard as it is sometimes to go about it as if you had never made a mistake and don’t dwell on the past because that’s where it will lead you.

Q: Before you back into the box…what is on your mind?
A: When I back into the box I try to keep an open mind not necessarily have one thing on my mind other than reacting to what the steer does. Normally when I make my mistakes is when I try to predetermine a move a cow is going to make or the run that I’m going to try and execute. I do my best when I just react to whatever the steer is doing.

Hometown: Albany, Georgia
Height: 6’0
Weight: 170 lbs.
Rookie Year: 2009
DOB: 12/19/89
Social Media:

Social Media:

Kaleb Driggers, Professional Team Roper, has competed professionally since 2009. We asked Driggers what he wants the fans to know most about the ERA he said, “I would like the fans to know that this organization is doing what is not only best for the cowboys but for the fans as well. We are allowing them to get inside and see what it’s like to be a professional cowboy day in and day out. From going down the road to practicing to family vacations. We look forward to competing and giving them the thrill of a life time.”
Originally from Albany, Georgia, Driggers now calls Stephenville, Texas home. An interesting fact about Driggers is that he has won RFDTV’s The American Rodeo not only once but twice. When he is not competing he enjoys training horses to the best of their ability.