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Titan - Rear 3pt Rotary Tillers - $1,985

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Type 3pt Gear or Rotary Tillers
Make Implement
New / Used
  • New

The Titan Rotary Tillers are a well-respected line of tillers that allows the tractor owner to develop gardens and horticulture. Hitchin' Post carries a selection of Titan's Tiller models.
The UL Gear-Drive Tiller is suitable for tractors from 20 to 40 horsepower with a category 1 hitch. These models are light-duty and dependable. They come in overall widths of 53" and 65".
The UM Rotary Tiller is medium-duty and dependable, able to work demanding soils like vineyards or orchards. The UM series is suitable for tractors from 25 to 50 horsepower with a category 1 hitch. Overall widths are 65" and 78".

- 48" UL Tiller (20-25HP, overall width 53”) Price: $1985
- 60" UL Tiller (20-40HP, overall width 65”) Price: $2250

- 60" UM Tiller (20-50HP, overall width 65”) Price: $2375
- 72" UM Tiller (20-50HP, overall width 78”) Price: $2585

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